Finally I’ve released a new version of JKippt, a Java library for Kippt API. This version is aligned with the last API version (as 14/07/2013).

The library is hosted here:

And now is available also in Maven Central with this coordinates:


I’ve started developing this library as personal project in order to practice with some technologies, in this case the gson library and REST service interaction.

With this new version I’ve practiced with Mockito adding some unit tests to the library. I’ve used Mockito to “simulate” the service communications. The library has a communication layer used to wrap GET, PUT, POST and DELETE calls to the service. In the Unit Test Mockito replaces this layer returning pre-defined reply when calls are made.

I’ve also faced some trivial problems with json serialization and deserialization. About some of them I’ve already talked about: GSON custom serialization falling in default serialization